Jan Fellien

My path to the profession began 26 years ago. But even before that I was involved in IT and software development. After an infinite number of co-developed data-driven applications, I discovered the world of Domain Driven Design and CQRS in 2010. Since then, I've been in love with it, just like the Azure Cloud. I am co-organizer of the first German Domain Driven Design Conference KanDDDinsky and since 2017 official Microsoft Azure MVP.

Serverless Computing with Azure - the good, the bad and evil things

I'm quite sure you heard a lot about the next step of evolution in Software Development. Maybe you tried a bit or flirt with thoughts to use it for next feature implementation. Be sure it's harder than expect. Since 2016 I'm deep in Azure Functions, Microsofts answer to AWS Lambda. Also I'm deep in Serverless Architectures in an Azure environment. Many times I'm trapped, but it's fine for me. I've learned a lot which I want to share in this Session. Of course, Azure Functions will be an important part, but the most interesting stuff could be the Serverless Architecture and developing journey I'll talking about.